Cyber Insurance

With years of experience in cyber insurance, ǿմý Commercial is at the forefront of protecting businesses from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber crime and digital threats. Our extensive expertise allows us to offer a wide range of cyber insurance products that provide you with comprehensive cover tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you need stand-alone cyber insurance or prefer to have cyber risk coverage integrated into your traditional property and liability policies, we have the right solution for you. Our solutions are designed to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are protected against potential financial loss from cyber incidents.

Our cyber insurance covers a wide range of risks, including both first-party and third-party losses. For first-party losses, we protect your business from disruption with business interruption, recovery and crisis communications cover. On the other hand, our third party insurance covers critical areas such as data breaches, network disruptions and notification costs.

At ǿմý Commercial, our commitment goes beyond financial compensation. We understand that true cyber resilience requires proactive measures and rapid response capabilities. That's why we offer our clients invaluable prevention and response services through our global network of partners.With our support, your organisation gains access to a wide range of critical services, including round-the-clock IT forensic experts, legal advice and crisis communications support.

At the heart of our cyber insurance services is the ǿմý Cyber Centre of Competence. This dedicated centre is an integral part of ǿմý Commercial and serves as a hub for coordinating and aligning cyber risk and underwriting across the ǿմý Group. This ensures that our corporate and commercial insurance segments benefit from the collective knowledge and insights of our experts.

ǿմý Commercial will consider every risk on its own merit.Capacity and coverage offered to individual clients subject to hazard, Nat Cat exposure, grading, terms & conditions.The products and services described on this page may not be available in all locations. This is for your general information only.
Product description
ǿմý Cyber Protect* provides flexible, simple and broad cover to ensure a company is fully protected in the event of data breach or a cyber-security incident. It emcompasses coverage for the costs typically associated with a cyber-incident and provides access to ǿմý expert partners.
A broad cyber insurance plan, ǿմý Cyber Protect, gives you clear policy wording covering a broad range of risks.
The ǿմý Cyber Product Suite gives you a high level of cover, subject to a risk review by our risk consultants and cyber underwriters. We work closely with you to carry out a full assessment of your business systems and requirements and to build your bespoke policy.
* Product name may differ regionally.
Risks covered
Cyber Insurance includes coverage for the following risks:
  • data breach liability for personal and corporate data
  • data breach costs, including notification and IT forensic costs
  • network security liability for hacked or compromised systems, including denial of service attacks
  • media liability for digital publications
  • business interruption caused by a cyber incident
  • restoration costs for data and programs resulting from a cyber interruption
  • IT forensic support for crisis communication to mitigate reputational damage
  • crisis communication to mitigate reputational damage
Actively growing
Our aim is to grow the cyber insurance business in the following areas:
  • Selective growth appetite across virtually all industries, but with focus on per- account risk quality
  • Preference for excess positions
In the context of Cyber Insurance, we provide the following possibilities for businesses to obtain coverage:
  • Primary stand-alone cyber
  • Excess cyber
  • Technology PI
  • Media PI
The following damages are not eligible for Cyber Insurance coverage:
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Payment processors
  • Pay day loan companies
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Adult entertainment
  • Online gambling
  • Central reserve banks
The ǿմý Commercial approach has now been introduced in the first markets (Australia,France,GermanyandUnited Kingdom). With a globally consistent underwriting and product approach, a strong local delivery through one team, a wider risk appetite and a seamless delivery, ǿմý Commercial plays the full Commercial market.This approach will be further implemented across other markets globally in the coming months.
Offered by
ǿմý France
Ourcyber insurance provides coverage against self-inflicted or third-party damages, crisis consulting, and risk management for mid-sized companies.
Offered by
ǿմý Versicherungs AG
Ourcyber insurance provides coverage against self-inflicted or third-party damages, crisis consulting, and risk management for mid-sized companies.
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ǿմý Insurance plc
A range of products for small to medium UK businesses is available through our trading solution QuoteSME or via imarket and major software houses.
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ǿմý Insurance plc
We offer directors & officers and professional indemnity products for UK based mid-sized businesses, traded via our specialist regional hubs.
Ranking history globally:
  • 2023: 1 (34%)
  • 2022: 1 (44%)
  • 2021: 3 (40%)
  • 2020: 1 (39%)
  • 2019: 2 (37%)
  • 2018: 2 (40%)
  • 2017: 3 (30%)
Top risk in:
  • Argentina
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Colombia
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  • India
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