Podcast | Trends in Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT)

Jody Yee, Global Industry Solution Director for Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) on how evolving markets require evolving solutions.
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Podcast | The perfect storm

Listen to our latest podcast: We discuss the interconnectivity of climate change and natural catastrophes and how to prepare for these risks.
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Podcast | "ǿմý Talks" live at RIMS 2022

We took our podcast series out of the office and over to the RIMS 2022 conference to speak to some of our clients , brokers and experts.
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Podcast | Inclusive wellness

We discuss black healthcare and wellness as this year's theme for Black History Month. Listen to the podcast.
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Expert Risk Article | Risk Barometer 2022 - Changes in legislation and regulation

Legislation never sleeps and despite many promises to reduce red tape, new rules and regulations proliferate. 2022 will be no exception.
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Podcast | Sustainable growth in the construction industry

We discuss the new age of industrial renaissance, the impact of growth and maturity of renewable energy on the construction sector.
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Podcast | Risks associated with gaps in cyber policies

We talk to our expert about risks associated with “gaps” left in various multiline policies - and the concerns surrounding these gaps.
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Podcast | Financial Services trends

From ESG, cryptocurrencies and ransomware to a changing market: What are the major risk trends in the Financial Services industry?
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Podcast | Civil unrest

Civil unrest has doubled in the past decade. Srdjan Todorovic joins the podcast to discuss how the political risk exposure is shaping the future of the industry.
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